Contact Press | A Dudek Addendum

A post-script of sorts to the Contact Press post yesterday. Below you’ll find a small handful of Louis Dudek-related items from my shelves that overlap with Contact Press (1952-1967), and below those, a couple related little magazines.

Related Little Magazines:

Contact Press | Ongoing

After acquiring a copy of Trio yesterday from Richard Coxford (formerly Bytown Bookshop, Ottawa) and George Ellenbogen’s Mcgill Poetry Series entry Winds of Unreason from Liam at Patrick McGahern’s (Ottawa), I decided to take stock of my small but growing Contact Press collection. Below you’ll find photos and some small notes on what I’ve currently got on my shelves, both Contact Press itself and a few related things. There are 15 Contact Press titles, 2 from the McGill Poetry Series, one from First Statement Press, an issue of Combustion, two of Michael Gnarowski’s bibliographic works, three books related to the Contact Poetry Reading Series, two Anansi reprints of Contact titles, a couple broadsides, and a small ad.

Only a few dozen Contact titles to go! Michael Gnarowski’s checklist puts the total at 49. Peter Miller cites 61 titles. Or, for the more ambitious, Nicky Drumbolis’s Contact checklist of official titles, variants, and related materials run to 355 items. It has some repeat items with signatures and associations, but it shows how much material can be gathered under the Contact name.

Donations welcome! Haha.

Contact Press (click through the photos for notes):

Related Titles: