Two New Little Poems

Two new minimalist poems of mine appeared in the world in the last 24 hours (Happy National Poetry Month!). The first, “Refrain”, was done up in a beautiful little single-poem chapbook by Michael e. Casteels through his Puddles of Sky Press (Kingston ON). It is available on its own for $2.00, but you will get it for free if you place an order of $15.00 or more for other Puddles of Sky stuff (spend $30.00 and you’ll also get chapbook-poems by Marilyn Irwin and Stuart Ross!). I’m a huge fan of Michael’s publishing work (and writing), and can’t say enough how happy I am to be a part of this series. You can and should spend $15.00 to support what he does, so take a look around. If you don’t already have them, I would recommend buying back issues of his mag illiterature.

The other poem, “Thrum”, is on page 9 of the brand new issue 11 of NOON: journal of the short poem.  I always love to read NOON when it appears, and I’m really delighted to finally have a little poem in its pages.

If you aren’t already, follow along with some poem-a-day initiatives going on through April to celebrate National Poetry Month. I’m keeping an eye on Justin Million at Synapse, Jeff Blackman, jesslyn delia smith, Chaudiere, and


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