“Sequential Gestures: Reading Cameron Anstee”

Oh boy. I’m all full of inarticulate emotions right now reading this piece that Bardia Sinaee wrote. I’ve got an enormous amount of respect for Bardia as a poet, a reader of poetry, a thinker-about of poetry (he’s more articulate than I am). I really can’t believe that he spent this much time and energy reading and rereading these early chapbooks of mine, and then producing this essay. He’s such a force for good in the small press world, and I feel immensely grateful that I have the privilege of being in his sight line here.

I’ll take it (what is certainly the longest and kindest piece of critical writing I’ll ever receive) as a downpayment on the next few decades of hard work. I hope I can produce something good enough to repay Bardia for his generosity here. Thanks, man.

Here he is with Peter Gibbon taking care of the Apt. 9 table at the recent Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market:


Do yourself a favour and buy his most recent chapbook from Anstruther Press before its gone (if it isn’t already).

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