William Hawkins, Poetry Reading

Watch William Hawkins reading from The Collected Poems of William Hawkins in Ottawa recently (Saturday November 28, The Manx, Ottawa). Reading is the wrong word; he recites his poems from memory, giving an astonishing performance. It is easy to see why Hawkins was such an influential figure in Ottawa when at his most active as a poet and performer. Enjoy!

Interviews, Publications, Readings

A few recent things:

Samantha Lapierre interviewed me over at Ottawa Life about Apt. 9 and making books.

Sean Lamb interviewed me at The Town Crier (the Puritan) also about making books but also about small poems.

Melanie Janisse-Barlow is working on what she calls a “growing archive of paintings of poets.” Read about the project at her Kickstarter campaign. Nelson Ball was kind enough to put my name forward as one to follow his, and so, strangely,┬áthere will be a painting of me someday in the far-off future (she has about 80 poets committed so far, and it keeps growing).

I had a handful of poems published in Matrix recently in their “Ottawa Dossier” edited by Jason Christie. I also have a poem in the newest issue of jwcurry’s Industrial Sabotage.

Finally, Chaudiere Books is celebrating the launch of their Fall titles tomorrow afternoon at The Manx in Ottawa, 5:00pm as part of the Ottawa International Writers Festival. Alongside Chris Turnbull, Jennifer Londry, and Andy Weaver, there will be a further reading from The Collected Poems of William Hawkins. Bill will hopefully be present to read, but I will step in if he can’t make it. Should be a good one!