On the Road Again

Michael Casteels, poet behind the excellent Puddles of Sky Press, has started a new reading series in Kingston, and he invited some Ottawa poets to take part. The Interim Reading Series is very kindly hosting our modest Accord of Poets in February.

The Interim Reading Series: Justin Million, jesslyn delia smith, Jeff Blackman, Rachael Simpson, and Cameron Anstee

Saturday February 28, 2015, 3pm

99 York St., Kingston Ontario

The event is free, but donations will be accepted to pay venue fees. Facebook event here.

It would be great to see anyone within reasonable driving distance to Kingston. I only hear good things about Kingston’s scene, and am excited to read there for the first time. Copies of Five will be on hand, but it’ll be neat to hear new work that has developed since.

Load up the Accord, boys. Not pictured: snow, winter coats, boots.

Roman Feuilleton, Take Two

A B Poster - Ferrier

Last June I had the opportunity to read as part of Roman Feuilleton. Next week, a number of the original participants are back together to revive the literary side of the project as part of Ottawa’s venerable AB Series. I’ve been reworking the poems that I presented the first time around, and am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the pieces have changed in the intervening months. I am also looking forward to seeing Ian Ferrier perform.

You can see photos of Michèle Provost’s art show Roman Feuilleton at her website here.

Andrew Steeves on Attention

[…] for me what it all comes down to is paying attention. And I think that publishing is all about paying attention in the same way that reading is all about paying attention. It is about understanding the materials you are working with and the way they function in the world. (129)

Steeves, Andrew. “The Ecology of Publishing: An Interview.” Smoke Proofs: Essays on Literary Publishing, Printing & Typography. Kentville NS: Gaspereau Press, 2014.

Go read this book if you care about publishing, book design, the book as an object and technology in the world, or enjoy clear and thoughtful essays that think through the responsibilities and implications of cultural (and manual) labour.