On Bernard Amtmann and Bookselling

Mappin, John and John Archer. Bernard Amtmann, 1907-1979: A Personal Memoir. Toronto: The Amtmann Circle, 1987.

Bernard Amtmann enjoyed the theatrical aspects of bookselling, a field that lends itself naturally to the pyrotechnical. He understood instinctively the marketing principle that it is not the streak that sells, it’s the sizzle […]

William Hoffer on Canadian Literature

Hoffer, William. “Cheap Sons of Bitches: Memoirs of the Book Trade.” Canadian Notes & Queries 51:1 (1997): 25-30.

I became a dealer in Canadian literature somewhat opportunistically, and because, when I first commenced bookselling, I was worried that I wouldn’t want to sell books that I actually liked. Canadian literature recommended itself. There was a market, a market I expected to grow greater, all things considered, and I certainly didn’t like it. (26-27)

Barbara Caruso on David McFadden

Caruso, Barbara. A Painter’s Journey: 1966-1973. Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2005.

12 March, 1967. Sunday

David McFadden visited us this morning as he promised he would. He arrived at 9 a.m. and he brought in the sun, or as Nelson [Ball] said, he reminded us that the sun was out there and that was good.