Updates (Congress, Reading, Publication)

I am giving a paper as part of ACCUTE at Congress this coming weekend: “‘Ottawa, / you know nothing / of poems': William Hawkins and the Small Press in Ottawa.” The paper grew out of editing The Collected Poems of William Hawkins. It looks a bit more broadly at how Hawkins’s life and work make clear some of the contrasts that the small press inhabited in Ottawa in the 1960s, arguing that his poems and their material production as well as his critical reception in the intervening decades are informed by his residence in the capital. The panel is called “Ottawa in Literature / Literature in Ottawa” and will also have papers by Alana Fletcher (Queens) and Zachary Abram (University of Ottawa). Sunday May 31, 1:45-3:15pm. Should be fun!

There is also a reading on Sunday night as an unofficial part of ACCUTE. “A Night of Too Many Poets” runs 7pm at the Carleton Tavern, taking advantage of the sudden influx of poets into the city thanks to Congress. I’ll be reading beside some excellent people, too many to list here. We’re at 13 last I checked. Hopefully it won’t be quite so humid. Come on out!

After far too many years of work, a paper that began its life during my M.A. research will finally see publication.“‘poet and audience actually exist’: The Contact Poetry Reading Series (1957-1962) and the Study of Literary Readings in Canada” is forthcoming in the Spring issue of the Journal of Canadian Studies. I owe a great debt of thanks to a great number of people for helping the paper forward over the years. You will be thanked in person.

You will also find a nice article about Collett Tracey, In/Words, and what some of its past editors are up to now in the latest issue of FASSinate. I am always up for singing the praises of the magazine and its influence on me, and was happy to have the chance to do so once again.

The Collected Poems of William Hawkins

The Collected Poems of William Hawkins has arrived!


It is a thing of beauty. The art by Chris Wells on the cover, the design and typesetting by Christine McNair, the production values from Chaudiere, the blurbs from Bruce Cockburn, Roy MacSkimming, and Nelson Ball, and of course, most importantly, Bill’s poems! It is overwhelming. Too many thank-you’s to list here (they’re in the book anyway).



Five (plus) years of work, and here it is, a 354 page book that feels great in hand. I feel very lucky and grateful. I hope that some new readers will discover Bill’s poems, and I hope that some longtime readers will re-discover them.



Reminders that you can read an interview with me about editing the book here, and you can read the introduction to the book here.


Launch details (currently in-progress)  to follow. You can buy it in person from me, or from rob and Christine at Chaudiere (rob@chaudierebooks.com), immediately. Available online for purchase here shortly.


Updates: Readings and Publications

I recently had a paper published in Amodern Issue 4: The Poetry Series. I am very proud to be in the journal alongside such intelligent people (Marjorie Perloff, Dean Irvine, Gregory Betts, and on and on). My paper, “Setting Widespread Precedent: The Canada Council for the Arts and the Funding of Poetry Readings in Canada (1957-1977)” is an historical look at how the model for funding poetry readings developed at the Council during its first two decades.

The Collected Poems of William Hawkins, forthcoming from Chaudiere Books, is now at the printer. It should be in our hands by the end of the month.

Apt. 613 was kind enough to run a five-part review of Apt. 9’s Five last week during their “Poetry Week” festivities. Read the individual parts: Jeff Blackmanjesslyn delia smithJustin MillionRachael SimpsonCameron Anstee.

On a related now, the recent “Accord” reading in Kingston is now available to listen to online thanks to Bruce Kauffman and his “Finding a Voice” show on CFRC Kingston: Part 1Part 2.

Finally, I am excited and nervous to be reading in the AB Series at the end of April alongside Steven Artelle. Full details and a poster will be available shortly, but the reading will be on April 30. I will post more once I have it. I’m working through a manuscript of minimalist work (some of which you can hear on “Finding a Voice” above) that I hope to read from at that event.